You work hard for your money. We’ll help to make it work hard for you.

Whether you’re climbing the career ladder or a business owner; approaching retirement or already retired, we can help you live the life you really want to live through your wealth.
How we can help you

Helping you to plan ahead

  • It’s never too soon to start.
  • We’ll start by helping you to define your goals – realising these is the first step to making then happen!
  • Then we’ll help you to see whether your goals are in reach.
    If they’re not, we’ll create a plan that helps you find new opportunities and build your existing wealth.
  • Identifying the risk you need to take is the next part.
    And finally, we create a plan for you that you can cut out and keep for the rest of your financial journey.
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Wealth Builders

You might be looking to achieve short-term goals such as being able to cover school fees. You might want to make sure you have an easy-access spending pot available for emergencies (or treats!). Or you may be saving towards retirement. Or a combination of all three.

We start by asking you questions that help us to understand more about you. We’ll ask you about the assets you already have, and what your incomings and outgoing are. We’ll find out more about your tax position.

We’ll explore and research all options carefully before presenting our recommendations to you within a personally tailored financial plan.
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Approaching retirement

Saving for your retirement can be daunting.

If you’re retiring within the next 10 years, you may be thinking about your options: When can you stop working? Will you have enough to enjoy yourself? How much will the tax man want?

The last working years before retirement are, in financial terms, the most important. For example, as working life slows down, you may wish that your savings become more secure. You may wish that your savings in your workplace pension may well be invested in global economies that might have higher risk than you would like.

We can help you by looking at the pensions you currently have, how and where they’re invested, and make sure they’re aligned to your personal retirement goals.
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Already retired

Since 2015, there is now much more freedom when it comes to accessing pension savings. But with these additional freedoms come additional complications.  

It's now optional to spend all or part of your pension savings on an annuity, which can give you a guaranteed monthly income for life. This is still a good option - but no longer the only one!  

It is now also possible to draw down lump sums from your personal or workplace pensions, to spend as you like. However, if this is not done in a tax-efficient manner, money can be lost unnecessarily to the hungry taxman.

We can help you take the right path and optimise your retirement income, while avoiding unnecessary bumps in the road.
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The questions we answer

A robust financial plan incorporates many different elements, but each are designed to give you the reassurance that your future is secure. These are the sorts of questions we help to answer.

Will I run out of money in retirement?

A comfortable retirement needs a process. Financial planning enables us to create a bespoke financial plan that combines your finances and your ambitions so that you can be confident you won’t run out of money.

We can also help you visualise what that might look like through cashflow modelling software. Based on your individual goals and using prudent assumptions, it shows you in real time how your future might look, and how it could change if something unexpected happened.

We can also adjust this as your circumstances change, so that your plan is always up to date and always providing peace of mind.

Should I merge my pensions?

If you have a range of different pension pots, there might be advantages to consolidating them into one. One benefits is being able to keep track of them more easily; the other is that you might save money on the admin fees of managing each one separately.

There’s also the chance that you’ll be able to move to a solution that offers a better return on your investment, and boosts your retirement pot.

What if I don’t have enough to retire?

If we find that you’re not currently on track to retire at the age you’d really like to, we can help you make adjustments. This might mean saving a bit more each year, spending a little less each year, increasing the amount of ‘risk’ you take on your investments – but this might only be for a few years until you’re on track.

It really depends on your circumstances and what you feel most comfortable doing. This is where our personalised approach works really well – we base the solution on you

What if I already have enough to retire?

Now for the exciting bit! But planning how you spend your retirement income is just as important as how you save it. There are many different options now, since the pension freedoms were introduced in 2015, but some are more tax-efficient than others.

This is where we can help you take advantage of all the options.

How do I make sure my family is protected, if I have to stop work?

We are more likely to have to stop work due to a serious health setback, rather than death, during our working life. If you would like to protect your family from the financial impact that death or illness might have on you, we can help.

We can arrange life cover, which provides a lump sum to your family if you were to die unexpectedly, and cover that protects you from a critical illness like cancer or a heart attack.

Can I pay less in tax?

Saving tax can be achieved in a variety of different ways dependent on the type of tax. Pension contributions can help to reduce either income tax or corporation tax. Investing in ISAs can achieve tax-free growth. Creating an Inheritance Tax Plan can mitigate the tax paid by your relatives on death.

Together we find the best solution for you.

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