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We don’t think finance should be complicated. We live by three words: simple, effective, and personal.

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Financial planning for a life well lived

Our goal is to help you feel secure, comfortable, and above all, happy, at all stages of your financial life.

We don’t think this needs to be complicated though, which is why we live by three words: simple, effective, and personal.

Simple: because our advice is informed, but always clear.

: because we make sure your money is in the right place, working hard for you.

: because the most important person is you.

Our business is about giving you peace of mind: we’ll design a personalised plan designed to take away your financial worries.
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Our mission

Helping you to have more time to do what you enjoy doing.

Our Services


We can help you to save towards the most important holiday of your life: the one that begins when you eventually come home from work for the last time.

However, a pension isn’t static. It needs maintaining so that it continues to work hard for you. Did you know that your pension savings are invested onward into funds? In any given decade, some funds are doing better than others, and we can look inside your pension, see where your money is invested, and switch your savings into better performing funds, so that your retirement fund is growing as efficiently as it can.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. A pension is a long-term investment, the value of your investment and the income from it may go down as well as up. Your eventual income may depend upon the size of the fund at retirement, future interest rates and tax legislation.

Savings and Investments

An emergency fund is important, but having too much money held as cash can reduced returns and ultimately effect your future plans. We can help you get the balance right, so your savings form part of a comprehensive overall financial plan aligned to your financial future.


There are various kinds of insurance, from life insurance to critical illness insurance to income protection – all designed for other specific and important situations that could occur.

We can advise what’s right for you and your budget so that your children and loved ones are financially secure, whatever may happen. 
Cover will cease on insurance products if premium payments are not maintained.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax or ‘IHT’ is often called the most avoidable tax of all. With a little forward planning, and with our help, you can ensure that the transfer of your estate to your family happens in the most tax-efficient manner.
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What makes us different

Unlike other advice firms, we don’t just look at your money, we look at you.

We help you visualise what you need from life, help you plan towards it, and then we make sure it all falls into place, making it tax efficient along the way.

We do this using the best and most efficient technology so that you can always enjoy a slick and efficient service. And we make sure throughout every stage of the process you feel clear and confident about what we’re suggesting.

Time is precious and life is short. We want to work with you to help make the most of life through your wealth.
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Please give us a call on 07590 835523 or email us at info@midwinterfinancialplanning.co.uk
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