Forward thinking and people focused

At Midwinter Financial Planning our single goal is to make decisions that keep you financially secure and comfortable. We also want you to feel confident about where your wealth is taking you.

So we make sure we explain everything as clearly and simply as possible. We offer advice that is jargon-free, clear, and easily understandable.

And in those occasional and inevitable times when markets are turbulent, we actively make contact to explain the reasons for market changes, to reassure you that it’s the long-term that’s important.
Meet our team

Daniel Midwinter

Founder and Chartered Financial Planner

07590 835523
Based at our head office in Colchester
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What’s your role? Financial Planner and in charge of client experience. I simplify the complex for people, put peoples’ minds at rest and help them focus on the important things in life.

What do you like best about it? Building a business that I am genuinely proud of - from every word that we write to every investment that is made. Ultimately providing real value to clients.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you? There is no point in worrying if you can't do anything about it. If you can do something about it stop worrying and take action.

What one word sums you up and why? Approachable (that’s what clients say about me).

How do you like to relax? Running then eating.

Daniel also works with

Benjamin Fabi, Paraplanner

Benjamin is a highly qualified and experienced paraplanner and provides Daniel with independent technical support.

What does it mean to be Chartered?

Chartered is the gold standard of financial planning. Less than a quarter of the financial advisers in the UK have CII chartered status.

We use this top level of expertise to search the entire market to find the solutions that are perfect for you.

This is why you know that if you are talking to us, you are in the best hands, in terms of quality financial advice.
We’re part of ValidPath, an independent network. By outsourcing various back office roles to ValidPath, this helps us to focus all our expertise on our clients. It means that many of the day to day requirements, such as regulatory reporting and compliance are completed by ValidPath.

All this means that we can concentrate on what we are good at: delivering a great service and advice to our clients, safe in the knowledge that there is a great team of experts behind us taking care of what they’re good at.

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