Client Story: Hanna

“Reliable, relevant and really approachable”

I approached Daniel after my father died as he’d been looking after my finances for me up until then, and he’s been fantastic.

I was 48 at the time and had a private pension and an NHS pension, and then the inheritance from my father.

I liked him straight away – he just had a very nice manner, he’s also relatively young which is helpful. You don’t want to work with someone whose older than you – it would be horrendous to have to explain everything all over again!
Daniel explains things properly and translates financial terms really well.

In short, he’s reliable, relevant and really approachable. He’s always at the end of the phone and gets back to you straight away having often gone away and researched the answer.

He’s also been a great sounding board when I’ve consulted him on what an accountant or solicitor has advised.
I can’t recommend him highly enough.