How it works

We begin with a free, no-obligation, informal and friendly chat to assess your needs, particularly regarding your retirement planning, and your attitude to risk.

We then gather the information needed to put together a financial plan that is uniquely tailored to you and your family. This is a careful process that can take four to six weeks.

During that time, we’ll regularly communicate with you to keep you updated on our progress.

No two financial plans are alike, for the simple reason that no two people – and their personal situations - are alike! We take great care to take into account the particular needs of each individual client.
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The Process

The free initial meeting is booked (in person or via video call).
We give you access to a secure portal that will enable you to share some basic information prior to the meeting
After we’ve met and gathered all the relevant info, we present our initial view of your financial needs and the priority each should be given.
We’ll then contact your existing investment and pension providers to gather the information we require and search the marketplace for the perfect solution for you.
After 4-6 weeks we will meet again. This time we’ll show you all our work and clearly explain the reasons behind the recommendations we’re making.
Whether it’s tax legislation, a new job or the loss of a loved one, life happens. It’s therefore important that we keep in regular contact. Our ongoing review process enables you to stay on track towards achieving your targets and provides a review of your asset allocation, costs and risk profile

Even when there are no changes to your situation or government legislation, we provide the following benefits – our ‘six financial planning fundamentals:

  • Review Asset Allocation – This determines your investment performance.
  • Rebalance – This keeps your portfolio risk and return on course.
  • Review Costs – This is one way to improve investment returns.
  • Behavioural Coaching – We’ll help you avoid costly mistakes.
  • Tax Allowances – Tax efficient investments are key to getting best results.
  • Cash Flow Planning – This will help you to stay on track towards achieving your targets.
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Our Promise to you

Our clients always say that our knowledge and expertise resolve their concerns, offer them solutions, and give them the most important gift of all: peace of mind and more time.

We are ‘money doctors’. We promise to deliver financial care that will protect you, your family, and your loved ones.

No matter what your circumstances.

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